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#213 Fluidez y errores

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En este episodio:

  • Voy a hablar de la fluidez y su relación con los posibles errores que ocurren cuando hablamos. ¡Sí, errores! ¡A veces podemos hacer errores! ¡Socorro!
  • A continuación, vamos a practicar la gramática de forma intuitiva con un divertido punto de vista.


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Material recomendado:

“In school most people learn Spanish by memorising and being focused on grammar, but when they have to speak, nothing comes out. That’s my situation, but as I am learning with Oscar’s lessons, I am enjoying the process, and actually, I understand real spoken Spanish more and more, and now little words of Spanish are popping up into my head. This method is much powerful, much faster and it’s the way to learn Spanish when you really want to speak it.” AJ Hoge, effortlessEnglish.com

“Unlimited Spanish are audio courses where native speaker Òscar simulates conversations, with cues for you to interact with him. It is among the best I’ve seen for simulating a real conversation from pre-recorded audio. For those of you who are also visual learners, you’ll be able to read along through transcripts of the audio.” Benny Lewis, fluentin3months.com

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  1. MERANGER sophie

    Hello Oscar, I’m french and I am learning english and spanish. Your method is very effective and pleasant. Thank you for your podcast. Have you found such a great podcast in english when you were studying english. It would be very pleasant for me to learn english like I learn spanish. Cheers
    Hola Oscar, soy frances y estoy aprendiendo inglés y espanol. Tu tecnica es muy eficaz y agradable. Gracias para tu podcast. Seria possible conocer el podcast que tu utilizaba cuando eras estudiando inglès porque me gustaria aprender ingles como yo estudio espanol contigo. Buena tarde.


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