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Unlimited Spanish

Helping you speak Spanish since 2013.


AJ Hoge, effortlessEnglish.com
Aj“In school most people learn Spanish by memorising and being focused on grammar, but when they have to speak, nothing comes out. That’s my situation, but as I am learning with Oscar’s lessons, I am enjoying the process, and actually, I understand real spoken Spanish more and more, and now little words of Spanish are popping up into my head. This method is much powerful, much faster and it’s the way to learn Spanish when you really want to speak it.”
Dmitry Gurvatov, language-efficiency.com
Dima“I started from scratch with Unlimited Spanish, and I after six months I was able not only to understand radio programs but to communicate with native speakers. This method doesn’t imply studying grammar nor memorizing vocabulary. It is based in a method called Storytelling. Through techniques, grammar structures and vocabulary are deeply subconsciously acquired. To test my skills, I visited Barcelona, and all native speakers were really impressed by my Spanish. One of things I love is that you just have to listen, so I can take advantage of almost any situation. Muchas gracias Oscar por este trabajo tan increible!”
Sasha, teacher. Russia
I just finished the 30 day beginner’s course. I would recommend this course to anybody who wants to speak Spanish. The content is very easy, entertaining and easy to follow. The best thing is that it’s very natural, so you don’t have to memorize  anything, study lists of words. All you need to do is just listen and answers the questions of the audio. Now I can say I can speak and understand Spanish. I am going to Peru and I will definitely use my Spanish there!
Dale, real state agent. New York
unnamed (8)“Unlimited Spanish is awesome. I has helped me maintain my Spanish which continues to get better with each lesson. The stories definitely grab my interest and makes me look forward for the next lesson. The stories make learning fun and they are easily transferable to everyday conversations.”
Patty from The Netherlands

“I’m really happy with the lessons from Òscar. I love to listen to the podcasts and read at the same time the transcripts. This method is perfect for me. Also the mini historias are fun to listen, again and again.
To anyone who love to learn Spanish… Go for Òscars course… it is a good price for good lessons. Thank you Òscar and good luck on your mission to help everyone to learn to speak Spanish fluently!!”

Rozalyn Leslie's -- Writer. Georgia, USA
“One of the things that I like most about the Unlimited Spanish lessons is that all the audio content is in Spanish, so you can begin learning from day one..and there are many hours of audio! All the audio comes with full transcription in Spanish and English. Another thing I like is the sound quality. The voice on the recording is very clear and easy to understand. This is important because I am a beginner in Spanish. I think it’s the best course I’ve used so far!”
Benny Lewis, fluentin3months.com
beny“Unlimited Spanish are audio courses where native speaker Òscar simulates conversations, with cues for you to interact with him. It is among the best I’ve seen for simulating a real conversation from pre-recorded audio. For those of you who are also visual learners, you’ll be able to read along through transcripts of the audio.”
Piotr, realpolish.pl
piotr“I am very happy with the course because it’s exactly what I need: Stories full of context, questions and answers. The different stories of the Original Course are very interesting and entertaining. If you really want to learn to speak Spanish, please try this method. It’s great, it’s just great!“.

Rolph “Unlimitedspanish not only makes learning Spanish much more effective, but also more enjoyable. I felt my confidence increase every time I had a conversation with a native speaker and the words I had learnt from the courses would just leave my mouth effortlessly. Vocabulary as well as grammar structures have been deeply ingrained in my mind without studying boring textbooks. If this is not magic, I don’t know what is. Furthermore, the price-quality ratio is excellent. I spent over 6 months with the material by practising one hour a day. You get a lot of Spanish for a reasonable price. Besides, with Unlimitedspanish you can learn anywhere. It’s a great benefit. I have so many fond memories of learning Spanish in the most unusual of places such as train stations, parks, while cycling etc!”

Julia, teacher. Italy
unnamed (8)“I’ve never studied Spanish before, I tried twice but then I gave up because the courses were too boring and I felt I wasn’t improving. I’ve tried Unlimited-Spanish lessons thinking it would be nice to learn Spanish. So, Oscar, I downloaded your lessons and I stated listening to them every day and I think that your lessons are: clear,interesting,incisive, adaptable and complete. I’m learning Spanish fast and I’m enjoying it so much! What to say: THANK YOU OSCAR for creating such a great course!”
Samantha Saw's from Malaysia
“I never believed learning a foreign language could be so effortless and so much fun! Believe it or not, Unlimited Spanish is totally not like what I expected when it comes to learning language. I only spend some time everyday on my player whenever I am on the move and listen to the audio unloaded from the site. It also comes with the transcripts which makes is perfect for when I needed help for understanding the story. Learning Spanish is never as easy as now with Unlimited Spanish¡ Es divertido!”
Matt Johnson, polyglot. Florida, USA
Matt“Unlimited Spanish provided me with the rich content I needed in order to automate my grammar without studying useless rules, consolidate my active vocabulary, enabling me to have richer conversations, and improve my listening comprehension, which is so important when learning a language. It is exactly what a language-learning method should be: fun, natural, and effective. Check it out and see for yourself! ¡Buena suerte!
Joy Crain Boudreau - USA


Unlimited Spanish has been the most useful tool I have used to get me to speaking and thinking in Spanish! Lots of book learning and a trip to language school had their usefulness, but Oscar’s course has been the most practical everyday conversation practice without having to pay for a tutor.

The drilling of answering questions about the known story details is excellent practice in learning the way the child learns…hearing it over and over. You learn what “sounds correct” more quickly.

Many of the language maestros talk about listening and reading being the best way to learn a language. Instead of searching for listening opportunities where I only understand a portion of what I am hearing or having to find time to get their script and read it as I listen, so I can understand more – I have Unlimited Spanish on my phone and can practice listening (and understanding) instantly. A favorite drive time activity.

I was driving the first time I realized I answered his question without first going through the translation filters (Spanish, English, back to Spanish) – it brought tears to my eyes. A milestone.

Sadly, I am so far behind in the Podcasts, but now I always have a “one-stop-shop” for challenging me, expanding my learning, and practice speaking. It saves time to not have to wade through the internet looking for missing needed tools. All this for one price (course, podcasts, FB support) – not an expensive yearly subscription.

I am also amazed at how available, approachable and kind Oscar is.”